Scene From Another Italian Restaurant

from by One-Eyed King

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beg your pardon, may I have a seat, you know I’m really glad to meet you
i don’t think I’ve come across this kind since shit went down macchu picchu.
do you see that guy
in the pinstripe tie
he’s not of this world
i tell you no lie
and i wouldn’t turn my back on him as he’d not sooner smile than eat you

once you learn there’s things you can’t unsee
there are more planes than this reality
all sorts of things move amongst you and me
can’t be explained by your 3d philosophies

see this particular breed of beast has a peculiar way of breeding
first it finds itself a proper host, and then commences with the seeding
you’ll be paralysed
and when its babies thrive
feed on you from inside
while you’re still alive
d’oh, let me help you clean that up
didn’t realize you were eating

once it locks in it’s difficult to shake
it tracks by taste much like your common snake
avoid it’s gaze, it’s challenging to break
it stupifies, makes it hard to stay awake

you must outrun it
you must outfight it
if you want to keep on living
but don’t you worry, darlin’
ol’ jack always has something up his sleeve
wait ‘til he gets a little closer...closer...FIRE!


from Santa Carla, released October 31, 2011



all rights reserved


One-Eyed King San Francisco, California

A biting sermon of apocalyptic prophesy is delivered as the rhythm section unwaveringly drives the heavy, raucous guitar through the chests of the assembled. Not recommended for those of weak constitution, questionable moral composition or the easily suggestible.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Be warned, once you learn there’s things you can’t unsee...
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