The Consumption

from by One-Eyed King

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It's a story as old as time itself: Man encounters Elder God, man goes crazy, man develops strong feelings for axe.


out of the cold, cyclopean wasteland
hobbles a crippled thing
a visage long-ago forgotten
curved spine and broken wings

crawling out of the mouth of madness
which depths defy concepts of distance
and time

continues on it’s slow progression
silently broadcasting
things which no sane mind dared to fathom
without then descending

down into the mouth of madness
it’s motivations cruel and senseless
constructs these walls around us
both formless and boundless
from which there is no escape

it comes on like train
a blinding pulse, cascading waves
of raw psionic energy

and slowly falls away
sense of self, sense of faith
sense of morality

just blown away
and you feel, no you fear
there ain’t nothing more left to save

shame - blight
guilt - fright
grief - sorrow
anguish - hollow

cannot flee
cannot hide
can’t think strait
lost your mind
at last a soothing voice in your head
says “pick up that axe, introduce it to all of your friends.”

you oblige
feels soooo right
all is clear
and you dive

down into the mouth of madness
motivations cruel and senseless
trapped by these walls around us
both formless and boundless
from which there is no escape
the suffering will not abate
til nothing is left to forsake
now bow down and accept your fate


from Santa Carla, released October 31, 2011



all rights reserved


One-Eyed King San Francisco, California

A biting sermon of apocalyptic prophesy is delivered as the rhythm section unwaveringly drives the heavy, raucous guitar through the chests of the assembled. Not recommended for those of weak constitution, questionable moral composition or the easily suggestible.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Be warned, once you learn there’s things you can’t unsee...
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