This Mortal Foil

from by One-Eyed King

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the end of times, how might it come
virulent plague, exploding sun
might some survive, well that depends
though when it’s time, so then it ends

hot burn blister
flame char cinder

a daunting thought, best to avoid
global pressure drop, giant asteroid
might some survive, well i suppose
though if they don’t, then so it goes

cold frost bitten
froze through smitten
swim cramp falter
davy jones locker

a giant wave
swimming with the fish
extinction of all plants
spazmatic choking fits

a nuclear exchange
blotting out the sun
all kinds of ends
no kinds of fun

the difference is, ‘tween you and i
i chalk things up to chance, you need a why
when our bell tolls--for no--reason nor rhyme
so then it comes, the end of times
so then it comes, the end of times
so then it comes, the end of times


from Santa Carla, released October 31, 2011



all rights reserved


One-Eyed King San Francisco, California

A biting sermon of apocalyptic prophesy is delivered as the rhythm section unwaveringly drives the heavy, raucous guitar through the chests of the assembled. Not recommended for those of weak constitution, questionable moral composition or the easily suggestible.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Be warned, once you learn there’s things you can’t unsee...
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